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World-class teaching resources for marketing lecturers, including textbooks and technology for the classroom. Engage students with content from leading practitioners and research-active authors such as Kotler, Solomon and Jobber.

Give your students practical experience with our digital simulation MyMarketingExperience, prepare them for class and automate marking using RevelTM.

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Save time on marking and prepare your students for class: Revel includes your chosen textbook with industry videos, interactive exercises and customisable auto-marked quizzes. Cover more complex topics in contact hours by setting reading and self-assessed assignments in Revel. Revel Marketing products include:

Customise your own print or digital content

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What your peers and students are saying

"[MyMarketing Experience] is playing to students' own capabilities, propensities and what they like to do, while at the same time replicating the kind of real world experience and practice that we’re really trying to engender."

— Prof Savage, Associate Dean for Online Education, Trinity College Dublin


50th Academy of Marketing Conference, Hull

At the 2017 event, attendees tried Revel for themselves and put their MyMarketingExperience questions to Pearson. Get in touch below to register your interest for forthcoming events.

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