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  • The 12 days of literacy

    12 Days of Literacy - a young girl is reading a book, wearing a santa hat

    This year, we’re swapping the 12 days of Christmas for 12 days of literacy delights – encouraging reading and writing for pleasure throughout the festive holiday and beyond!

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  • Five ways to challenge data bias and support representation in Maths - Professor Hannah Fry on #DiversityInData

    Girl and teacher in classroom

    Hot on the heels of her #DiversityinData webinar, run in partnership with Pearson, Professor Hannah Fry reflects on her top five takeaways to support teachers and educators in challenging data bias and supporting diversity and inclusion in Maths. 
    Professor Fry is a leading mathematician, best-selling author, award-winning presenter, and Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. The webinar, attended by hundreds of teachers and educators on 30 November, explored the power of numbers and ethics within research and data collection. In addition, it explored gender inequality in STEM and ways to remove bias to ensure fair results.

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  • Words last a lifetime’ Alison Kriel on Broadening the Curriculum

    On the 11th November, in a Pearson webinar, former Headteacher and specialist speaker on anti-racism, Alison Kriel, shared her views about ‘broadening the curriculum’, opening up conversations about identity, race and inclusion with the audience. Here, Alison reflects on key points for teachers to consider – starting with the incredible power of words.

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  • Using Power Maths flexibly with children working below age-related expectation

    Power Maths logo

    It's time for your December Power Maths update! This month we will be talking about using Power Maths flexibly with children working below age-related expectations

    Teachers often ask for guidance on using Power Maths with children with SEND or who are significantly behind age-related expectation. This blog focuses on the latter, although the advice and info below can of course be adapted for SEND children, depending on their specific needs. Teacher judgement will be crucial in terms of where and why children are struggling, and choosing the right approach, but hopefully the 9 general suggestions below will be helpful.

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