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  • Get work-ready skills: Stay motivated at work

    Over a year into the global pandemic, many of us feel the weariness of multiple lockdowns. Being cooped up at home and at arm’s length from our colleagues is causing many people to lose heart. Leaders everywhere are facing the challenge of keeping their people engaged and energised whilst the turbulent times continue.

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  • Get work-ready skills: Be yourself

    If you can be anything – Be YOU.

    ‘… Each man in his time plays many parts,’ said Shakespeare, and on the ‘stage’ of life, so often we fall into the ‘adaptive’ self — the self which is shaped by the expectations of our job, our social role, and even our relationships.

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  • Get work-ready skills: Connect

    The shift to remote working in the past year has put pressure on leaders and staff across all sectors. As some people gradually start to come back to the office, leaders will have to contend with new issues impeding their team’s connectivity.

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