Top 10 tips for finding work

Whether you want part-time work while you study or a full-time job when you’re 18, looking for work can be tough. Our top 10 tips will help you stick with it.

Right, let’s get started with our top 10 tips

1. Get your CV out to companies

If the companies are local you can hand in your CV in person. Remember to be polite and try to make a good impression. You can also call companies to find out who to send your CV and a covering letter to. You can find phone numbers and addresses in the phone book, Yellow Pages,, or do a web search of the company name.

6. Search online job sites

There are so many jobs websites out there! To find the right vacancies, you will need to use keywords for what you’re looking for and put in the location of where you want to work. You can get in touch with many recruitment agencies online as well as on the high street. Some jobs sites are dedicated to, or have special sections for, young people. Here are some to get you started: