Working in personal services

Personal services involve providing those things that people may not have the time or expertise to do for themselves.

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Future careers

As people get busier and busier, they need good-quality services to make their lives run more smoothly. Ironing, house sitting while people are away and lifestyle management are all in demand. Beauty treatments are becoming more high-tech, with laser and injectable treatments becoming more popular.

Things to consider

Things you may need to know:

  • Some hairdressers, massage therapists, wedding planners and interpreters are self-employed.
  • Their income depends on the area in which they work and how they choose to develop their business.
  • Jobs that use dangerous chemicals may have age restrictions, such as over 18s only. These jobs might include dry cleaning, pest control and cleaning.
  • Good customer service skills are absolutely vital in all personal services careers


The sector skills council for hair and beauty therapies

British Institute of Cleaning Science