Working in personal services with GCSEs (or similar)

For most personal services jobs you will need qualifications or experience.

Example jobs

Typical working conditions

Things you may need to know:

  • Some jobs will be outdoors and others will be mainly indoors.
  • The working environments are very varied and include shops, salons or private homes.
  • The work may involve the use of chemicals (over 18s only).

Qualifications needed

The main qualification required is a willingness to work hard and meet high standards. You need to be trustworthy if you are working in people’s homes. Good customer service skills are also important.

Career path

As you become trained, you can work with less supervision. With further experience, you could become a senior stylist or therapist. In other jobs such as cleaning, you could become a team leader or supervisor. In window cleaning or pest control, you could work in a small team using a van to visit customer sites.