More Than 30 Colleges and Universities Partner With Pearson to Put Digital Learning Resources at Students’ Fingertips on the First Day of Class

University of California, Davis, Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University-Provo, and Brigham Young University-Idaho among institutions committed to increasing access to high-quality, affordable digital learning content

New York, NY — Pearson today announced partnerships with more than 30 colleges and universities to deliver digital course materials to students through a variety of delivery models, most working through campus bookstores. Through these digital delivery models, Pearson is collaborating with institutions that are committed to providing students with access to high-quality, affordable content on the first day of class that improves educators’ insights into students’ instructional needs through better access to learning data.

The University of California (UC), Davis partnered with Pearson in 2015 to provide students with direct access to digital course materials through the campus bookstore. Since launching the program, the university has digitally delivered required course materials for more than 150 courses. UC Davis typically delivers required course content for 40 or more courses per quarter using this model, a number that continues to grow.

On the value that students and faculty are seeing in this model, Jason Lorgan, Executive Director of UC Davis Stores said, “Delivering content digitally to our students before the first day of class, without a visit to the bookstore, has been game-changing for our campus. Faculty and students greatly appreciate the day-one access for everyone enrolled in the course. Students are reporting significant levels of satisfaction with this delivery method and find the adaptive digital content to be superior to static print content in our student surveys. Seventeen thousand of our students have engaged with this program since it began and we expect its rapid growth to continue. We consider this program an important part of our course material affordability initiatives.”

Students at the Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University-Provo, and Brigham Young University-Idaho can purchase digital course materials from their schools’ bookstores, beginning in spring 2016. The State University of New York at Oswego is launching five to 10 courses in the fall of 2016.

“We're collaborating with an increasing number of institutions to establish an effective and sustainable affordability model that helps control the overall cost of education and delivers equitable, immediate access to learning materials for all students," said Tom Malek, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Pearson. "What's also of great interest to our institutional partners is the meaningful real-time learning data available to faculty and institutions when all students in a course are able to use a common digital product. This data can be used to help faculty identify and intervene with at-risk students, focus instruction on the areas where students are struggling most, and document that course learning outcomes are being measured effectively.”

According to the Campus Computing Project research findings from a fall 2015/winter 2016 survey, 45 percent of faculty respondents believe that digital materials provide significant added-value content not available in print. Pearson’s long-standing partners that have successfully implemented the digital direct access models, including Indiana University, Cincinnati State Community College, and Eastern Gateway Community College, are now seeing the positive impact that day-one access to digital course materials can have on student engagement and achievement.

Indiana University will share the latest findings on a research study investigating the impact of their eText Initiative at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities 2016 Academic Affairs Summer Meeting. The presentation, “eText that Empowers: Leading the way to greater affordability and achievement with digital course materials” will be delivered Saturday, July 23 at 8:45 AM at the Denver Marriott City Center, Denver. Presenters include Anastasia Morrone, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Learning Technologies at Indiana University, Dean of Information Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and Tom Malek, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Pearson.

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