Pearson Acquires Major Statistical Software Firm, Integrated Analytics

IA’s StatCrunch™ Program, the most widely-used web-based statistics software in academia developed by Webster West, Ph.D., facilitated 20m procedures over past six months

New York, NY -- Today Pearson announced the acquisition of Integrated Analytics, LLC (IA), a statistical software company with a focus on education founded by Webster West, Ph.D. IA’s leading product, StatCrunch, is a powerful web-based software that allows users to collect data, perform complex analyses, and generate compelling results and reports. Stemming from work begun in the mid-90s, Dr. West finished developing a prototype for the software in 1997. Over many years of continued development, the StatCrunch software has now blossomed into one of the most used statistical resources on the Web.

Pearson has been the exclusive distributor of StatCrunch since 2009, and the acquisition fully integrates IA into Pearson. The acquisition of IA, which is a culmination of a long-standing collaboration with Dr. West, allows for a deeper integration between StatCrunch and MyStatLab, an acceleration of new feature development, and potential synergies with titles outside of Statistics. Additionally, the StatCrunch development team will bring their statistical and programming expertise to Pearson. Pearson will also retain the services of Dr. West, a brilliant developer and an award-winning professor.

"We live and work in a world in which we are surrounded by statistics; a welter of statistics to process, sort through and use to make sound decisions. Statistical reasoning skills have never been more important, and StatCrunch, developed by Dr. West and his team--long-time and trusted partners--is an unmatched application in developing these skills for today's students," said Paul Corey, managing director for higher education courseware, Pearson.

“Working with Pearson over the past several years has been a great experience. Their extremely talented team of editorial staff and sales representatives has opened the doors of thousands of classrooms to StatCrunch. This has allowed us to change the fundamental way that statistics is taught for hundreds of thousands of students. These students can now appreciate the beauty of statistics as it is practiced in the modern world with statistical software. As an educator, this has been a very rewarding experience. This acquisition will allow an even larger number of students to have this exposure moving forward,” said Dr. West.
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