Pearson Revel Mobile App Brings Course Materials to Tablets and Mobile Phones, Enhances Student Experience as Spring Semester Begins

Students Invited to Take Advantage of Revel in a Format that Fits Their Lifestyle

New York, NY -- As students begin Spring studies, Pearson is encouraging users of Revel to enhance their courseware experience with the Revel™ Mobile app which provides access to course materials, including their full text, on their tablet or mobile phone, offline and online. Students’ progress automatically syncs across all devices including laptop or desktop computer, which allows them to learn as they move throughout their day — on the train, on the bus, or whenever they have a moment. Launched in August 2016, the mobile app has been downloaded more than 55,000 times to date, with users spending more than 15 minutes in the app per session, using iOS and Android devices. Many Revel titles are priced as low as $65.

The student experience with the new mobile app includes:

-Offline Access — The Revel app lets students download their course materials to their devices, so they can read, practice, and study even when they’re offline.

-Assignment Reminders and Notifications — Students decide when and how often they want to receive assignment notifications to best fit their schedule.

-Access to Audio — Should learners need to review a chapter from their text during a commute, full audio of their text (available for most courses) lets them listen and learn as they go.

-Quizzes — The Revel app enables learners to complete their assigned quizzes on their mobile device to check their understanding and prepare for class whenever they have a moment.

-Highlighting and Note-taking Tools — The Revel app lets students highlight key passages and take notes, so they can study based on their preference.

“The app has a convenience factor that is so valuable to students, now more than ever before. In addition to being a full-time student, I work multiple jobs. This app allowed me to read and get assignments done on-the-go, maximizing the little free time I have,” said Alexandria Pipitone, a student at Florida International University.

“Revel is designed to provide today’s college and university students with the core content, learning aids and time management tools they need for the course — all in one continuous, integrated learning environment. Revel now meets students when and where they learn — in a fully mobile application, and we continue to make enhancements to the product based upon instructor and student feedback. With the new Revel app, students can learn anywhere, anytime and on any device, while keeping track of their progress across all devices,” said Paul Corey, managing director for higher education courseware, Pearson.

Revel is an interactive learning environment that seamlessly blends authors’ narrative, media, and assessment, enabling students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience. The digital learning solution is designed to measurably boost students’ understanding, retention, and preparedness across an expanding range of disciplines. Released in 2014, Revel has been used by more than 400,000 learners across 200 courses and 15 subjects such as history, psychology, sociology, computer science, and more. Educators at over 1,500 higher education institutions nationwide are using the innovative digital solution to improve teaching and learning.

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