Pearson Unveils A Ground-Breaking Immersive U.S. History Program

Project Imagine blends primary sources and technology to bring history to life in a new way

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Today, Pearson, the world’s learning company announced the launch of Project Imagine, a new digital curriculum that brings the latest innovation in experiential learning to classrooms across the country.

This ground-breaking, modular U.S. history program teaches students about history through experience. Leveraging a robust curated collection of primary sources such as video, audio, letters, interviews, newsreels and artifacts, students become immersed within the stories of history. Project Imagine uses 360º technology, virtual reality, interactive maps, role play, and opinion polls to place students in a particular period of history so they can experience multiple perspectives and better understand how the past influences the present and engages them to participate in shaping the future.

Project Imagine modules explore Immigration 1870-1914, The 1920s, The Great Depression and The New Deal, World War II, The Civil Rights Movement, and The Vietnam War to give students a unique view of the past. Students will immerse themselves in these important topics by asking questions, exploring scenarios and obtaining evidence to support their ideas about historical events. For example, students will participate in the election of 1940, choosing a candidate based on evidence from the time, including campaign speeches and political cartoons and defend their choice. Project Imagine modules are intended to supplement and augment any U.S. History course.

“Today’s students are demanding experience-based learning that brings the type of technology they use in every other aspect of their lives into the classroom,” said Bethlam Forsa, managing director, Pearson US Learning Services. “Project Imagine is the first U.S. History program that utilizes virtual reality, primary sources, role-playing and more to paint an incredibly rich and impactful picture of major historical time periods. Students using these modules see history from multiple perspectives and increase their empathy for those who faced challenges and showed bravery in the past.”

"As a veteran Social Studies teacher and content creator, I know that one of my most important jobs is to facilitate students in making important decisions about the curriculum,” said Keith Hughes, educational consultant, HipHughes Edu. “Project Imagine offers teachers a powerful vehicle in helping them accomplish that goal. I am excited to be part of a project which helps teachers help their students not only think critically about history but teaches them as citizens that their voice matters."
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