Based in Research

David T. Conley, PhD

Conley Readiness Index (CRI) is the only readiness inventory based on over a decade of research analyzing the content of entry-level college courses and the opinions of thousands of U.S. secondary and postsecondary learners and educators about what it takes to succeed in college. Dr. Conley’s CRI research methods included comprehensive surveys, interviews, focus groups, longitudinal studies, statistical analyses, meta-analyses, comparisons of GPAs with SAT scores and college acceptance rates, and exhaustive literature reviews from a range of social science disciplines.

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Paul G. Stoltz, PhD

Dr. Stoltz began his GRIT-related research 35 years ago and later expanded his efforts with the formation of PEAK Learning, Inc. More than a million individuals from 63 countries have participated in PEAK's GRIT-related assessments and research. Stoltz’s GRIT Gauge™ instrument uses a self-reported scale to assess five quantitative factors — Growth (mindset), Resilience, Instinct, Tenacity, and Robustness — and three qualitative factors — Smart GRIT (aka Effective GRIT), Good GRIT, and Robust GRIT.

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All aspects of MyCareerSuccessLab, MyStudentSuccessLab™, Acclaim badges, Conley Readiness Index, and GRIT Gauge instruments have been developed through market research and development.