GRIT Program on Mindset

Application activities

Help learners build and improve their GRIT through advice and practice in prioritizing goals, tackling greater challenges, and thinking strategically and practically about how to pursue goals in the most effective ways. GRIT builders/assignments give learners the opportunity to "grow their GRIT" while providing guidelines for moving forward with sensitivity and respect for the goals of others.

Implementation services

Supporting materials provide guidance on adapting instruction, professional development services for faculty, and data collection capabilities for measuring results.

Paul G. Stoltz, PhD

Founder and CEO, PEAK Learning, Inc.

Paul G. Stoltz, PhD, is a New York Times #1 bestselling author, and considered the world’s foremost authority on the science and method of measuring and strengthening GRIT™, also known as “GRIT 2.0.” His methods and teachings are used at Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and by top organizations in 63 countries. Paul was selected as One of the Top Ten Most Influential Global Thinkers by HR Magazine, One of the Top 100 Thinkers of Our Time by Executive Excellence, and Millennial Thought Leader in Singapore. He’s the originator of the globally acclaimed AQ® (Adversity Quotient®) theory and method adopted worldwide. Dr. Stoltz has been featured in much of the world’s top media, including Fortune, Forbes, Success, Businessweek, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Asia 21, Fox, ABC Nightly News, NBC, CBS, The Today Show, and multiple appearances on The Oprah Show.

Dr. Stoltz is the founding director of the GRIT Institute and the Global Resilience Institute, conducting research in 29 countries, as well as Founder and CEO of PEAK Learning, Inc., the global research and consulting firm he formed in 1987. Applying his vast experience and research in higher education specifically to students in their first year of college is a long-term goal of his. Developing effective strategies toward college completion — and sustainable employment — has never been timelier.

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