Competency-Based Education

Help students complete credentials in less time, at a lower cost — with a focus on real-world learning that leads to greater employability

Recognizing real-world skills

Competency-based education (CBE) is a new model in education that uses learning, not time, as the metric of student success. This student-centered, accelerated approach redefines traditional credit-based requirements in learning and stresses competencies derived from the skills proven to be the most relevant by educators and employers.

With competency-based education, institutions can help students complete credentials in less time, at lower cost — with a focus on real-world learning that leads to greater employability. This versatile model benefits the student, the instructor, the institution, and the economy.

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Whether you are in the planning, growing, or optimizing stages of your CBE program, we're here to help.


Planning for CBE

Program Strategy & Planning

Pearson’s experts in competency-based education analyze an institution’s capacity to implement a new CBE learning model and help them formulate a strategy, program design and implementation plan.

Growing CBE

Assessment, Curriculum & Student Support

Informed by the program strategy and pedagogical goals, our curriculum specialists design and develop assessment strategies, content, curriculum, and student support tools. Each aligned to the unique learning needs within a competency-based education program.

Optimizing CBE

Data-Informed Learning Design & Analytics

Our data and analytics team helps institutions design for and use data to enable increased student engagement, learning, retention, and completion within CBE programs.


Success Stories

Defining Competency-based Education at Northern Arizona University

Dr. Corrine Gordon, Northern Arizona University (NAU), explores what it means to be a truly educated person and whether seat time is the best way to measure learning. Hear how competency-based education is being used at NAU to ensure that learning comes first.

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