Introducing GRIT Badges via Acclaim

Pearson is partnering with Acclaim to give learners a way to display achievement around personal and social capabilities skills, augment a professional profile online, and build awareness and evidence of transferable soft skills.

What is GRIT?

Developed by Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of PEAK Learning, Inc., the GRIT Gauge™ has emerged as the most comprehensive instrument for assessing GRIT (Growth, Resilience, Instinct, Tenacity, and Robustness). GRIT is the capacity to dig deep and do whatever it takes to achieve your most worthy goals in the best possible ways.

The instrument demonstrates a strong correlation of GRIT to several key success factors for individuals, including:

  • Desire to improve one’s station in life
  • Effort
  • Employability
  • Goal completion
  • Goal magnitude
  • Income

What are the levels of Acclaim badges for GRIT?

GRIT Gauge™ Completion

The badge earner has earned the Level One badge and completed the GRIT Gauge™ to determine his or her Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity. Completion of this badge shows the earner’s awareness of GRIT, which provides a foundation for growing his or her understanding and improving application of GRIT.

GRIT Quantitative Achievement

The badge earner has earned the Level Two badge and completed the GRIT Gauge™ a second time, with an aggregate score growth of at least 10 points. Earning this badge demonstrates the achievement of quantitative improvement of GRIT.

GRIT Experiential Achievement

The badge earner has earned the Level Two badge and completed two academic artifacts that exhibit the use of the GRIT framework, providing evidence of and commentary about his or her GRIT achievement. The badge shows that the earner has more than basic awareness of GRIT: he or she is demonstrating growth by incorporating GRIT consciously into his or her academic performance.

Why should I accept and share my GRIT Badges?

GRIT Badges serve as portable evidence of your accomplishments, making it it easy for employers to verify and learn more about your skills.

Soft skills, such as GRIT, can be difficult to represent on resumes. With these digital badges, learners have credentials that easily display on their social profiles or in emails for employers. Badges help individuals with their professional development and set themselves apart from others by showcasing their skills.

How do I get started and share my badges?

  1. Once you receive your badge notification email from Acclaim, follow the instructions to set up and confirm your Acclaim account.
  2. From your Acclaim account, claim and share your badges via email, the web, and social networks as you wish.

Where can I find additional information?

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