Introducing Professionalism Badges via Acclaim

Pearson is partnering with Acclaim to present Professionalism badges. These badges give learners a way to display achievement around personal and social capabilities skills, augment a professional profile online, and build awareness and evidence of transferable soft skills.

Closing the skills gap

Personal and Social Capabilities (PSC) such as professionalism are often referred to as “soft skills.” These are equally critical to academic and occupational competencies in the employment process and is considered to be the largest skills gap in hiring by employers.

Which professionalism skills can be measured?

The Pearson PSC Framework is rooted in research and aligned with frequently used CS21 Frameworks to identify general skills and provide a consistent taxonomy. As a leader in connecting education to employment, Pearson is developing this framework to include skills that support ongoing development throughout the learner’s lifetime tied to credentialing and demonstrable outcomes through Acclaim.

The Pearson PSC Framework includes:

  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  • Communication: Multimodal
  • Creativity/Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Mindset and Self-Management/Initiative
  • Social Responsibility

What do Acclaim badges for Professionalism demonstrate?

Learners can showcase basic proficiency in Professionalism to potential employers via email and social media. Employers are able to identify specific capabilities tied to needed professionalism in job candidates with verifiable badges.

What are the Acclaim badges for Professionalism?

Now available

Additional professionalism badges coming soon

Develop and Apply badges are available for all except Basic Professionalism. A Develop badge means the assessment is auto-graded while an Apply badge requires an external evaluation of artifacts by an instructor or employer. Available in a range of Skill levels, “Level 1” badges demonstrates base knowledge of the skills outlined.

Why should I accept and share my Professionalism Badges?

Professionalism Badges serve as portable evidence of your accomplishments, making it it easy for employers to verify and learn more about your skills.

Soft skills, such as Professionalism, can be difficult to represent on resumes. With these digital badges, learners have credentials that easily display on their social profiles or in emails for employers. Badges help individuals with their professional development and set themselves apart from others by showcasing their skills.

How do I get started and share my badges?

  1. Once you receive your badge notification email from Acclaim, follow the instructions to set up and confirm your Acclaim account.
  2. From your Acclaim account, claim and share your badges via email, the web, and social networks as you wish.

Where can I find additional information?

Explore our knowledge base to address common questions about our program.

Read news and notes from the Acclaim team on the Acclaim blog.

Contact Kathryn Hueber to learn more.