Purchase Smarthinking Access

Many schools, colleges, and universities offer Smarthinking tutoring services to their students. If you currently attend a school that offers Smarthinking, check with your institution to determine if you can access our services through your school before purchasing individual tutoring services directly from Smarthinking.

1 hour $35: Includes live, on-demand tutoring; a prescheduled session with a tutor; or question submission in any subject area.*
4 hours $125: Includes live, on-demand tutoring, prescheduled session(s) with a tutor, or question submission in any subject area.*
1 Writing review $25 under 10 pages; $35 for 10+ pages: Includes review of writing with detailed critique and recommendations..
1 SAT essay review $12: Includes review of SAT essay.
1 Career writing review
$25: Includes review of resume, cover letter, employment profile, or other job search materials.