CourseConnect Accounting 1

This course provides an introduction to business accounting. Topics include accounting concepts and principles, financial statements, internal control design, and accounting for partnerships.

CourseConnect Accounting 2

This course is a continuation of Accounting I. Topics include corporate accounting and financial statements, long-term liabilities, cash flow and financial statement analysis, managerial accounting, budgeting, and using financial data to make business decisions.

CourseConnect Business Communication

This course provides a foundation of the various business communication formats, including letters, memos, electronic communication, written reports, oral presentations, and interpersonal communication. The course also includes other business items such as résumés, application letters, interviewing tips, and employment follow-up documents.

CourseConnect Business Information Systems

This course introduces undergraduate business students to information systems (IS). The course includes important topics related to IS, such as the drivers of IS, database concepts, IS development, and the types of systems used in organizations.

CourseConnect Business Law

This course provides students with a survey of the principal areas of business law. It explores the relationship between business and law with respect to the following topics: torts, crimes, intellectual property, contracts, negotiable instruments, agency, employment, and forms of business organization. Students also explore the relationship between business and law with respect to ethics and social responsibility, government regulation, personal property, real property, and international trade. Students gain a working knowledge of practical rules of law and legal terminology, as well as legal solutions for business-related issues.

CourseConnect Business Math

This course applies math fundamentals to business applications. It is a prerequisite to Accounting I. Topics include a basic math review, business statistics, profit calculations, payroll, banking, interest calculations, insurance, taxes, and other business topics.

CourseConnect Entrepreneurship

This course introduces students to the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. It includes sound academic theory, success stories, case studies, and exercises in critical thinking to help students develop the understanding, skills, and plans needed to start a successful new business.

CourseConnect Human Resource Management

This course focuses on human resource management skills used by business managers in day-to-day operations. While focusing on the different aspects of human resource management and practices, problem solving and critical thinking skills are applied.

CourseConnect Introduction to Business

This course provides students with an overview of business in an increasingly global society serving as an introduction to business terminology, concepts, environments, systems, strategies, and current issues. Topics include an overview of the business environment, business ethics, entrepreneurship and global business, management, marketing, production, information systems, and financial elements of business. This course provides a solid business foundation for more detailed and higher-level study in subsequent courses.

CourseConnect Introduction to Finance

This course provides students with a foundational knowledge of financial management. The course covers key language and terminology, time value of money, financial markets and securities, financial statements, financial analysis, risk and return, valuation of stocks and bonds, capital budgeting and valuation, cost of capital and capital structure, working capital management, dividend policy, and international finance. Students apply the various financial tools and learn how they impact financial decision-making.

CourseConnect Organizational Behavior

This course examines organizational theory and application. It provides a comprehensive review of individual, group, and organizational performance in relation to organizational structures in contemporary business settings.

CourseConnect Principles of Management

The Principles of Management course introduces students to management philosophies in today's changing world. It includes globalization, ethics, diversity, customer service, and innovation from a managerial perspective.

CourseConnect Principles of Marketing

This course provides students with a view of the principal areas of marketing in an Australian context. It explores the factors influencing how marketing decisions are made, including the impact of marketing decisions on an organization and its customers. Students gain a working knowledge of practicalmarketing and business vocabulary. Additionally, students analyze today's global, highly competitive marketplace and evaluate how the actions of competitors influence marketing decisions.

CourseConnect Supervision

Enhance your personal and professional learning agenda and welcome the challenges of supervision. In this course, you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of supervisors. The course builds from a foundation of fundamental skills through a pyramid of understanding the expanded scope of responsibilitiesfor first-time, first-line supervisors through the chairman of the board in private, service, or public organizations.