Pedagogically Sound Learning Experience

Built by subject matter experts with online teaching experience and credentialed instructional designers, RN to BSN Online emphasizes learning outcomes, incorporating instructional design and adult learning principles for the most effective online learning experience. RN to BSN Online uses the latest findings in learning design to promote a top-quality teaching experience for instructors, and an impactful, relevant educational experience for students. Using courseware that is built around sound learning design provides peace of mind that your courses are not only effective, but rigorous, user-centered and externally validated.

Complete...and Completely Customizable

Each RN to BSN Course comes complete with interactive lesson presentations, student assignments, activities, discussion questions, quizzes and instructor resources, as well as Pearson's interactive eText. However, this is no, static "course in a box" solution. You can personalize course content to suit your students’ needs and your own unique teaching style. For example, you may choose to re-sequence assignments or quiz questions, add your photo or class social media info to a syllabus and easily add your favorite multimedia assets to supplement any content.

And, since content for each course is delivered in your program's learning management system (LMS), you can upload and add your own content to any lesson within the courses. You can even create a customized textbook to include content from a number of Pearson titles to match the content you will be covering in your course.

Optimized for Mobile Access

Reimagined and redesigned for optimized online and mobile device use.

Each RN to BSN Online course has been optimized for laptops, iPads and other devices to be available whenever and wherever the busy working student needs it. The mobile experience has been designed to deliver a consistent, quality learning experience on any device. RN to BSN Online courses are LMS-agnostic, working seamlessly with your existing learning tools to keep things simple and streamlined.

Audio-to-Go Lessons

Tune in to your lesson

Each RN to BSN Online course includes audio files of the interactive presentation content. These Audio-to-Go lessons are perfect for the multi-tasking working professional by making it easy to study by listening to the lesson content on any digital media player.

Course-level Assessments

The post-licensure nurse doesn't need NCLEX-style questions or a replay of what was covered in their ADN program. Practicing nurses need opportunities to exercise higher order cognitive abilities. The Course Level Assessments in RN to BSN Online provide those opportunities, along with great portfolio-building projects and writing samples. The Course Level Assessments in RN to BSN Online are designed to:

  • provide evidence of learning with respect to all course outcomes
  • measure student learning through meaningful tasks designed to be reflective of the real-world context in which the knowledge or skill would be applied
  • include some metacognitive elements to encourage students to reflect on their process, learning, end-product and /or decisions

The Course Level Assessments in RN to BSN Online are based on characters from The Neighborhood 2.0 and can be used either as a collaborative or individual project. Instructors can opt to use the Course Level Assessments either as capstone projects at the end of the courses or as multi-level assessments as students progress through each course. The Course Level Assessment projects enable the licensed nurse to apply circumstances from their own experiences into their coursework and exercise the principles of the course through writing and research. The Course Level assessment projects are ideal for portfolio of writing samples.

Pearson Interactive eText

Pearson's interactive eText epitomizes interactivity with highlighting, note sharing between instructors and students, in-text links to media and animations and a glossary search. Each RN to BSN Onine course comes automatically loaded with your choice of Pearson Interactive eText which makes it so easy for your student to access applicable textbook content throughout the course.

View a list of eTextbooks available for our RN to BSN Online courses

Integration of The Neighborhood™ 2.0

Pearson's The Neighborhood 2.0 is an online program that allows students to easily connect the concepts they learn to the clinical setting, through virtual patient experience in a safe environment. The Neighborhood 2.0 presents unfolding stories and episodes include videos, photos, medical records and text that highlight the circumstances that surround and affect the health of the community members. RN to BSN students can immerse themselves in stories told from the perspective of both patients and nurses. The Neighborhood 2.0 delivers consistent, longitudinal case studies filled with engaging characters and scenarios and is the perfect supplemental tool to provide a shared "clinical" experience.

In RN to BSN Online, characters from The Neighborhood 2.0 are also used in the course-level assessments—making The Neighborhood 2.0 a very valuable add-on to the RN to BSN Online course.

Course Planning Documentation and Support

We know firsthand how time-consuming and labor-intensive the course design process can be. With our Course Planning Documentation we make it incredibly simple for you. All RN to BSN Online adopters receive Course Planning Documents which outline course and lesson objectives (all mapped to QSEN and IOM Competencies as well as AACN Baccalaureate Essentials), as well as detailed Time On Task data for all of the activities and components of the courses.