Customization of course content and delivery

It's so easy to make each RN to BSN Online course your own. Lessons can be reordered, hidden, added to, and edited to make your course unique. Some of the other resources that will differentiate your course from other programs are Panopto lecture-captures, additional videos and animations from our Class Prep Resources asset library, and activities from The Neighborhood 2.0.

This course experience truly can be whatever you make it! And, you'll have more time to customize the course because the core course content and tools are pre-loaded, giving you the opportunity to spend your time adding additional features that will distinguish your course from all others.


At Pearson, we are sensitive to the growing costs of learning resources. That is why we have made RN to BSN Online affordable for both students and institutions. First, there are no institutional start costs for programs using RN to BSN Online. Next, RN to BSN Online includes all of the course materials, as well as the Pearson Interactive eText for about the cost of the textbook alone.

Mobile access

Since all RN to BSN Online course materials (including the selected eTextbook) are delivered online, students can access their course materials and eTextbook from just about anywhere. Every RN to BSN Online lesson presentation is now available on the iPad and other tablet devices. The tablet version has been redesigned to leverage the best of tablet technology, including easy touch-screen navigation, robust practice interaction, clean design, crisp imagery, and integrated rich media.

Getting off to a fast start

We know there are only so many hours in a, we have made it incredibly easy to get off to a fast start with RN to BSN Online. The course materials are delivered to you in a file that can be easily loaded into your school's Learning Management System (LMS). With each lesson complete with interactive presentations, discussion questions and activities with their own grading rubric, as well as our Course Planning Documents, you can spend time doing what you like best...teaching.

Availability of General Education courses

Should you decide to include additional General Education courses in your course selections, we have you covered! We have courses available in General Education course areas that you can include in your selected suite of courses. Popular General Education courses for RN to BSN programs include the Composition course and Student Success course.

What if I already have courses built?

We recognize that some programs have already created course content for our RN to BSN course. Do you have courses that require updating to reflect the most current nursing practices and research? Are you adding new courses to the curriculum or looking to update your existing courses? Are you looking for ways to create a better online course experience for your students? If so, we would be happy to work with you to identify course materials that can help, including incorporating The Neighborhood™ 2.0 into your courses or adding a Composition course that can help strengthen your students' writing skills.

Clinical Replacement Activities

We recognize that not every RN to BSN Online course or program includes clinical experiences. However, for those that do, many of our RN to BSN Online courses include suggested clinical replacement activities. These self-directed assignments developed by clinical instructors provide opportunities for students to complete self-directed clinical projects.

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