See how parenting and life decisions play out over time in this engaging, simulated environment.

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Raise a virtual child or teen, or live your virtual life

The MyVirtuals products are interactive web-based simulations that enable students to apply key concepts in engaging, simulated environments.

Perfect for courses in developmental psychology, social work, parenting, nursing, family and human studies, and education, the MyVirtuals let students experience developmental principles in action.

This suite of innovative products — MyVirtualChild, MyVirtualTeen, and MyVirtualLife — allows students to see how simulated parenting and life decisions play out over time. By simulating how to raise a child or teen and how to live a full life, the MyVirtuals help make course material personally relevant to students.

And the MyVirtuals are now mobile! You can access your virtual child, teen, or life anytime, anywhere. To get started with a MyVirtuals product,  contact your Pearson representative.

About the Authors

Frank Manis, Ph.D. University of Southern California

Dr. Manis is the author of MyVirtualChild and MyVirtualTeen, and the co-author (with Janine P. Buckner) of MyVirtualLife. A child development instructor for over 30 years, Dr. Manis is passionate about promoting the use of technology to facilitate student learning. The major focus of his research has been on the identification of differences in cognitive profiles among children with reading difficulties.

Janine P. Buckner, Ph.D. Seton Hall University

Dr. Buckner was a MyVirtualChild user who wanted something similar for her lifespan development class. This led to her co-authoring MyVirtualLife with Dr. Frank Manis. Her areas of expertise include autobiographical memory and the specific role of gender in the development and career choices of women and men seeking professions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.