What instructors and students are saying

“MyVirtualChild is an engaging, interactive way for students to apply core concepts to an (almost) real situation."
–Professor Gwynn Mettetal, Indiana University South Bend

“MyVirtualChild gave me the opportunity to apply the information I learned in class to a different type of situation that is similar to a real-life experience of raising a child. I got to think of a lot of ways in which theories and concepts might apply to an actual process of development.”
–Alesia Staskiewicz, Student, St. Norbert College

“Results indicate that students in the MyVirtualChild section were more engaged and performed better on exams covering course content addressed in the MyVirtualChild program than the students in the non-MyVirtualChild section.”
–Dr. Pamela Schuetze, Buffalo State–The State University of New York

 “It was fun—an interesting way to see development firsthand without having to raise a real child.”
–Student, Buffalo State–The State University of New York

“Students enjoy using MyVirtualChild and report that it is beneficial for understanding, a fun activity, and also educational about parenting and child-rearing.”
–Daniel McConnell, Instructor, University of Central Florida

“I learned a lot about parenting and decision making. It asked me questions that I’d never thought of before and that I think will really help me in real life.”
–Student, Buffalo State–The State University of New York