Geoghan Visualizing Technology Series

Geoghan Visualizing Technology Series

Engage students with hands-on learning

The Visualizing Technology Series features a highly visual, magazine-style layout with images creatively representing concepts, making them easy to remember. Chapters are organized as articles with catchy headlines. All of the details are included in bite-size chunks of text that are written for the way students think. You’ll also find coverage of ethics, green computing, and careers in every chapter. The content is modular, so you can use this book however you teach your course.

In the new editions, all of the content has been reviewed and updated to cover the latest technology, including Windows 10, Mac OS X El Capitan, and more coverage of troubleshooting and security. The Pearson eText 2.0 adds a new level of accessibility and interactivity, and new infographics provide a truly visual picture of key topics.

The optimal way to experience Visualizing Technology is with MyLab™ IT. All of the instruction, practice, review, and assessment resources are in one place, allowing you to arrange your course from an instructional perspective that gives students a consistent, measurable learning experience from chapter to chapter.

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