Career Readiness & Employability

Equipping people with the skills they need for employment is a global challenge. It’s vital for economic success, and it transforms the lives of families. Across the world, 290 million young people are out of work. At the same time, almost 40% of employers tell us they can’t fill their vacancies. That’s why at Pearson, our mission is to help people make progress in their lives through learning.

We serve learners, teachers, and employers worldwide; we work at every point of the learning journey, from pre-school to the workplace. And because we know that for most of our learners, education and training are a means to an end – a job that supports them and their family – employability is the ultimate purpose of what we do.

Core Academic Competencies

One key component of career readiness is the ability to put core academic knowledge—like literacy, numeracy, and writing—and critical thinking skills to use in the workplace. Mastery of these core competencies prepares learners to analyze, reason, plan, and organize to make sound decisions.

Personal & Social Capabilities

The ability to build and maintain effective relationships is critical to success in any career in any sector of the job market. Personal and social capabilities, or “soft skills,” are the interpersonal skills and personal qualities that enable individuals to manage themselves and interact effectively with others in the workplace. Our programs can help learners develop these vital requirements for 21st century employment.

Career Knowledge & Transitional Skills

We recognize that making a positive impact on employment outcomes is about more than helping people get jobs; it’s also about preparing them for long-term success as their professional goals and employment opportunities evolve over time. With an understanding of career pathways and a well-developed set of transition skills like networking and interviewing, lifelong learners are better prepared to progress to and within their careers.

Occupational Competencies

In addition to core academic competencies, career readiness requires the mastery of occupation-specific competencies developed in both formal and experiential learning environments. This includes mastering specialized skills required to complete the functions and tasks of a particular job, and this mastery is often signified through industry-recognized credentials. Pearson collaborates with employers to ensure their employees are prepared for real-life work situations.

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