Experiential Learning

Many of the skills that learners need to transition to careers are developed outside the classroom. From work-study programs to internships to on-the-job training, successful employees are always learning. Pearson is partnering with institutions to assess and recognize the valuable knowledge, skills, and competencies gained through experiential learning.

Digital Badges

As they’re entering the job market, recent graduates often have difficulty describing their competencies and telling their stories to employers. And employers struggle to identify candidates whose qualifications they can trust.

Pearson is helping institutions create badging ecosystems that increase transparency and establish effective communication between job-seeking graduates and prospective employers.

Experiential Learning Products & Services

Online badging platform

Acclaim badges enable academic institutions, professional associations, and organizations to recognize professional and experiential learning achievements and certifications in a way that can be easily verified and shared online.

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Self-paced online learning

Propero is a student-directed online learning program that allows students to complete academic courses at their own pace, using award-winning content and academic support provided by Pearson.

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Course equivalency for workplace learning

ACE CREDIT is the national leader in the evaluation process for experiential education and training obtained outside the classroom including courses, exams, apprenticeships, and other forms of nontraditional training.

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