Assessment & Placement

Pearson supports institutions through every facet of assessment—both academic and metacognitive—and at every stage of the college entry and placement assessment process.

From test preparation and assessment to making sense of assessment data and creating personalized learning pathways that move students toward their personal goals, we’ll help you set your students up for long-term success from the start.

College Entry & Placement

As students enroll in college courses, institutions consider a number of factors to place students into courses in line with their skill levels. Placement assessments that evaluate students’ academic content knowledge and skills frequently play a role in placing students into courses where they’ll be appropriately challenged.

But it takes more than academic skills to be successful. The abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, engage appropriately with others, be self-reliant, and persist through adversity have huge impact on long-term success. That’s why many institutions are moving toward a more holistic approach to assessment that evaluates students’ metacognitive skills and personal and social capabilities alongside academic skills.

Holistic Readiness Assessment

College entry and placement assessments provide a convenient starting place for determining a student’s level of academic skill mastery within a specific domain. However, using placement assessment scores as the sole data point for placing incoming college students into courses can lead to both over- and under-placing students into developmental education classes.

For far too many students, placement into remediation is a barrier to completion they will never overcome. More holistic, more accurate assessment of readiness for college-level coursework is critical for increasing college completion rates.

Pearson is partnering with institutions to reimagine how college readiness is assessed. Together, we’re moving toward a more holistic approach to more effectively prepare students to succeed in college and beyond.

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