Presence Essentials

Enabling next generation leaders to develop authentic, interpersonal connections

Presence will set your organization’s employees apart

Today’s business world is sped up by technology, often making remote or virtual team collaborations a challenge. Yet the need to develop communication and leadership skills, especially for next generation leaders, has never been greater.

The concept of presence — the ability to authentically engage the hearts and minds of others — can be a powerful differentiator that improves leadership skills, cements relationships, and advances careers.

In partnership with the Ariel Group, we’ve created Presence Essentials — a scalable, transformational learning experience enabling organizations to develop the presence skills of next generation leaders.

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Benefits of Presence Essentials

Along with improving interpersonal connections and enhancing leadership skills, Presence Essentials also:

  • Helps organizations recruit the best candidates, retain the best employees, and advance high performers
  • Drives confidence and promotability
  • Enhances team effectiveness
  • Fosters creativity by surfacing new ideas
  • Helps employees thrive in ambiguous environments

The need for presence is all around