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Read our blog to explore ideas in teaching and learning. Students' first assignments often signal where skills and prior learning are wanting. But acknowledging the extent of these gaps and catering for the learning styles of all students can lead to more proactive approaches to addressing the problem.

  • Hogg: Contemporary Challenges in Social Psychology

    Pearson’s author webinar series “Memorable Teaching Moments”.

    With academic experience extending across three continents, Professor Michael Hogg discussed the cultural and thematic challenges amongst the different publications of his best-seller, Social Psychology. Held at the Roma Tre University, this live event was organised by our team in Pearson, Italy.

  • Activating University Physics: making physics lectures come alive

    Pearson’s author webinar series “Changing Perspectives”.

    Professor Roger Freedman spoke about helpful techniques instructors can use in the classroom to encourage an active learning experience for their students and help them make better use of his textbook, 'University Physics'.

  • Bringing learning to life via interactive finance tools

    Pearson’s author webinar series “Changing Perspectives”.

    Authors of market-leading ‘Corporate Finance’ Johnathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo, spoke about the interactive tools available to students and educators with the textbook's new edition, and shared their personal tips on how to engage students with this fascinating subject.


  • How is technology shaping learning in higher education?

    Implementing technology into the teaching and learning methods has unlocked benefits that help educators become more effective in their day-to-day teaching.

    What do you think about the impact technology is having today in STEM teaching? Take part in our survey and have your say.

  • Adapting operations management teaching to a changing world

    Pearson’s author webinar series “Changing Perspectives”

    The webinar hosted the authors of the best-selling textbook 'Operations Management', Nigel Slack and Alistair Brandon-Jones. The authors shared their personal views about the changes in the modern world and their impact on operations management. 

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in Research Methods for Business Students

    Pearson’s author webinar series “Changing Perspectives”

    Best-selling author and Professor Mark Saunders spoke about how he incorporated the themes of diversity, equity and inclusion into the latest edition of this market-leading textbook, 'Research Methods for Business Students'.