MyLab Math & MyLab Economics experience, Copenhagen Business School

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Leslie Christensen, Teaching Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, shares his experience and advice on using MyLab®Math and MyLab®Economics to support and upgrade the knowledge and learning skills of the first-year students. 

Transitioning from high school to university is not always a straightforward process for the new students of the Copenhagen Business School, as there are often gaps in the level of the Maths knowledge required to come up to the expectations of their first-year course in Business School.

“If you don’t have the basic skills in Math, at higher level Economics, you cannot concentrate on the subject itself.” Leslie Christensen, Copenhagen Business School

That is when MyLab®Math comes in, as Leslie has adopted MyLab alongside his lectures to help students close this gap and receive the additional support they need during their preparatory course.

The main benefits of using MyLab for the preparatory course at the Copenhagen Business School

As the main benefit of using MyLab, Professor Christensen says that students can practice more. The digital platform also gives them the opportunity to practice anywhere, anytime.

When it comes to the assignments they use for this course, MyLab facilitates the learning process with a combination of a set of questions and pre-set exercises, depending on the students’ needs. 

Another one of the benefits of completing the exercises – besides improving their understanding of the Maths concepts – is that students also get rewarded with points and receive valuable feedback for their work, which they can apply moving forward.

The Gradebook is also a very useful tool for instructors in this case, as they can monitor the actual time students need to prepare for a lecture and finish their exercises – potentially indicating struggling students with the learning and exercising material.

“What they also like very much is the guided solution in MyLab Math & Economics. It’s like having instructors going around and helping them.” Leslie Christensen

The course material the first-year students use at the Copenhagen Business School is available in our online catalogue for you to request your free sample copy today:

Ian Jacques, Mathematics for Economics and Business, 10th edition – available in eBook, Print and MyLab®Math formats.

Jeffrey M. Perloff, Microeconomics, Global Edition, 9th edition – available in eBook, Print and MyLab®Economics formats.

Daron Acemoglu, Macroeconomics, Global Edition, 3rd edition – available in eTextbook, Print and MyLab®Economics formats.  

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