MyLab Accounting experience with Caroline Teh

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Assistant Professor Caroline Teh shares her experience of using MyLab® Accounting paired with Frank Wood’s Business Accounting, along with tips on how MyLab helps her tackle the challenges of a diverse, large cohort during the first semester at Jönköping University, Sweden. 

Educator Caroline Teh leads a first-semester accounting course, welcoming students from different business-related programmes to their first academic steps – from Marketing and International Management to different Economics programmes. Student understanding and engagement can be challenging when dealing with such a large and diverse cohort (350 students) coming from different academic backgrounds. 

The course aims to support student learning around the most basic accounting concepts - from creating journal entries and balance sheets to reading annual reports. Furthermore, students develop critical thinking skills on aspects, such as investment business decisions. 


The main benefits of using MyLab Accounting   

Caroline admits it is an intense course, making it harder for the students to retain their engagement throughout its duration as they can become overwhelmed with the numbers. 

As an academic who embraces the digital age and how students today are always “on the go”, she finds MyLab Accounting very useful, as students can practice with it anywhere and adopt it as a regular part of their studying.   

Caroline is confident that MyLab Accounting not only helps students stay engaged with the course requirements but also offers support to those who might not be coming to class regularly or experience gaps in their understanding of the lectures with the variety of practice questions. 

“The students who actually bought the book with MyLab Accounting found it extremely useful. That's the feedback that I've got.” 

– Caroline Teh, Jönköping University, Sweden 

Having only used it once, Caroline said she would incorporate MyLab as part of the course’s structure and is willing to implement it into the core syllabus, as she is confident it would encourage students to practice throughout the semester, instead of only focusing on the final exam – one of the keys to success when it comes to accounting courses. 


About Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 

According to Caroline, this is a textbook ideal for students without any prior knowledge of accounting, as it provides the essential knowledge without overwhelming them, as long as they follow the book systematically: 

“Chapters are short, to the point, and you don’t get lost in information. This is why I love the book very much. I loved this book from the first time I used it years ago.” 

– Caroline Teh, Jönköping University, Sweden 

With the time educators have with students limited to the classroom, Caroline hopes a book like Business Accounting, with short, straight-to-the-point chapters, motivates the students to read it and keep up with their work. 

The course material the first-year students use at the Jönköping University, Sweden, is available in our online catalogue for you to request your free sample copy today:

Alan Sangster & Lewis Gordon, Frank Wood's Business Accounting, 15th edition – available in eBook, Print and MyLab®Accounting formats. (New, 16th edition coming in 2024!)

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