Mastering Chemistry experience with Magdalena Kasprzak

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Magdalena Kasprzak, coordinator at the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, discusses her experience with Pearson's Mastering Chemistry platform's 12-year impact. It proves instrumental in bridging global medical student knowledge gaps through effective online course organization, progress tracking, and diagnostic tools. The platform's integration motivates students, enhances engagement, and transforms teaching. 

Central to her discussion is the platform's crucial role in a pre-course designed to address knowledge gaps among medical students on a global scale. 


On the resources 

"They have a great source of knowledge. They are given a diverse range of assignments to verify their knowledge, starting from the tutorials with videos, graphics, and tests. And having a book like this is also a great asset." 

A key aspect highlighted by the instructor is the effectiveness of Mastering Chemistry in organizing online courses. The platform's ability to track student progress and provide valuable diagnostic tools is emphasized, showcasing its adaptability and utility in the realm of medical education. 

The integration of Mastering Chemistry into the curriculum is a focal point, with the instructor delving into the motivational impact it has on students. The tie-in with a credit system based on student activities is also explored, underlining the platform's multifaceted role in shaping and incentivizing student engagement. 


Student engagement 

"Students are working with Mastering Chemistry for 36 hours, and we don't have to rush them to finish their assignments because they know that they have to do it not to miss their points." 

Magdalena acknowledges the positive outcomes resulting from the platform's implementation, such as improved student engagement, better results, and a fostering of active learning. The benefits extend not only to students but also to instructors, creating a more enriched and efficient teaching experience. 

Specific features of Mastering Chemistry that resonate with her are outlined, shedding light on the aspects that contribute significantly to the platform's success. This insight provides a nuanced perspective on the practical applications and strengths of the tool from an experienced user. 

In concluding remarks, Magdalena wholeheartedly recommends Mastering Chemistry to their colleagues, attesting to its efficacy in bridging educational gaps and enhancing the overall learning experience. 

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