MyLab Finance experience with Ali Termos

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Ali Termos shares his experience with MyLab Finance which accompanies Berk-DeMarzo: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. He emphasizes the importance of communication the use of platform to students in different ways and through different channels. 

Saving time with MyLab Finance 

As an instructor, because he has so much teaching and research to do, he doesn’t have much time to look at details, so he uses the platform mainly to save time and workload in his everyday work. He is attracted to the textbook because although Finance is usually a complex topic for an undergraduate, it is written in a seamless way. 


The importance of giving feedback 

He also finds giving feedback to students important, which students appreciate a lot more than automated or AI-generated feedback. 

“The main benefit is the time I saved teaching several sections of this course. As I said, you need to grade homework, and MyLab Finance is a very helpful tool to do this. At the same time, students are not getting feedback by just some AI or platform - it's by you.” - says Dr Termos. 


It is essential to communicate 

Ali is keen on conveying the message to students regularly. He asks the local Pearson representative to demonstrate the platform to students, and every time gives an assignment, he sends messages to students on different platforms. 

“You must communicate with your students at every step from registration.”  

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