Aiding student performance with MyLab Finance

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Chin-Te Alvin Chen of Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, discusses the integration of MyLab Finance in his Introductory Finance course with 320 students. MyLab Finance offers online homework and instant feedback, easing workload for Professor Chen and aiding student learning. 

Chin-Te Alvin Chen, of Stockholm School of Economics, employs MyLab Finance in Introductory Finance, benefiting 320 students annually. Professor Chen inherited MyLab Finance but found it efficient for online homework and instant feedback. Its integration includes credit-bearing assignments constituting 20% of grades. Professor Chen appreciates its workload reduction. There are still some challenges in utilising optional tools effectively and assessing student engagement. He values MyLab Finance's efficiency, aiding teaching and global feedback collaboration. Assessing student engagement pre-MyLab is difficult. Recognising its role in active learning, Professor Chen seeks to enhance its use. MyLab Finance aids student feedback and performance insights, though direct correlation to real-world scenarios is elusive. In summary, MyLab Finance proves beneficial for first-year finance students, easing instructors' workload and enhancing student learning.

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