MyLab Finance experience with Sandro Bächli, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

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At Bern University of Applied Sciences, Professor Sandro Bächli teaching Banking and Finance utilises MyLab Finance in Financial Management for undergraduate programmes. Students appreciate its interactive features. The professor finds MyLab Finance beneficial for structuring assignments and facilitating student engagement.

At Bern University of Applied Sciences, the professor of Banking and Finance Sandro Bächli employs MyLab Finance from Pearson in the core module, Financial Management, for undergraduate programmes, including the International Study Programme and German-speaking classes. With approximately 100-130 students in German-speaking cohorts and 40-50 in international classes, MyLab Finance enhances learning through features like assignments, videos, and cases, alongside the Corporate Finance textbook by Berk-DeMarzo. The professor, with over two years of experience using MyLab, finds it beneficial, particularly for structuring assignments and facilitating student navigation. Integration into the curriculum occurs through platforms like Moodle, with structured assignments aligned with weekly topics. Although homework is voluntary, the professor recommends it to enhance student engagement and offers support during weekly problem-solving sessions. Student feedback indicates appreciation for the platform's flexibility and guidance. MyLab Finance fosters active learning and offers benefits to both students and lecturers, enabling anytime learning and providing tools for assessment creation. The professor recommends clear structuring and initial guidance for first-time users and foresees potential long-term improvements in student performance but notes challenges in adapting to evolving student preferences and learning styles.

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