• Climate-conscious schools: how can you make a difference?

    Continuing our focus this month on all aspects of sustainability, from menu evaluations to energy-saving initiatives, Clare Cox, Sustainability Lead at Pearson, shares with Education Today some of the steps schools are taking to become more sustainable, and collates key tips and advice from leading voices across the sector.

  • Helping our young people become sustainably minded citizens

    Featuring this month in Education Today is Becki Huth, the Sustainability and Forest School Lead at Cutteslowe Primary School, which is part of the Riverside Learning Trust in Oxford. She tells us about the wide-ranging sustainability initiatives that have been implemented at her school and the surprising impact they have had on both the pupils and the school community.

  • For the love of maths: engaging teachers, capturing learners

    Jo Ledbury gives her top tips on encouraging children to be passionate about maths including highlighting some aspects of Pearson's whole-school mastery programme, Power Maths. She also talks about her experience with the local maths hub and mentions barriers her learners face that impact their ability to love maths.

  • Maths across the curriculum with Robert McGregor

    Robert McGregor, Director and founder of STEAM Powered Education, discusses top tips to help primary teachers effectively integrate maths concepts into subjects beyond maths, such as english, science, or art. As well, he discusses why it is key to develop the foundations of maths learning in primary and why introducing STEAM across primary can provide a more holistic approach to learning. 

  • How can I fit in the whole maths curriculum?

    Five top tips from Nicola Richards, Deputy Head and Nursery/Reception teacher, for fitting Maths into the curriculum, including advice for primary teachers to make teaching and learning stimulating and interesting.

  • Embracing new technology with Ketrina Teresa

    Ketrina Teresa, Year 6 class teacher and Maths lead, discusses how embracing new technology can improve learners' experience of maths in the classroom. As well as exploring future edtech trends and AI in primary schools.