Bug Club is proven to raise attainment in reading and spelling

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Proven to raise attainment by up to 3 months

If you haven’t yet heard of Bug Club, it’s our whole school reading programme that is designed to develop confident young readers and inspire a lifelong love of books.

An independent study is being carried out from January 2015 to July 2016 by leading academics from UCL Institute of Education, in partnership with the Pearson UK Research Team, to understand the impact of Bug Club on children’s literacy attainment.

The overwhelmingly positive interim results show that schools using Bug Club make additional progress in children’s reading, vocabulary and spelling.

The study, a randomised control trial consisting of 36 participating schools and 1510 pupils, has so far found that KS1 children using Bug Club are, on average, 3 months ahead in word decoding and spelling. It’s also found the same children to be 2 months ahead in reading comprehension, 1 ½ months ahead in picture vocabulary and 1 month ahead in word recognition (this is compared to children not using Bug Club).

The study has also revealed that Bug Club has a significant impact in schools with high levels of disadvantaged children, in fact, schools with a higher uptake of free school meals are, on average, 7 whole months ahead of expected progress in word decoding! The same schools are also 3 months ahead of expected progress in spelling and in word recognition.

The independent study is due to complete this month, and we’re really looking forward to seeing the final results. We already know that Bug Club is pretty special, but it’s fantastic to see firm and independent evidence of the positive impact that Bug Club is having in schools - not just across the UK, but around the world. Watch this space for more information on the final results of the study.

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