Woodlea Primary School


The individual attention of National Tutoring Programme tuition has really advantaged students at Woodlea Primary school in Durham. The sessions have improved students’ confidence and teachers have seen it shine through in lessons.

It is an average-sized primary school, which is situated in an urban area. The school’s percentage of Pupil Premium children is currently 17% and the percentage of Special Needs is 13.6%.

Why tutoring?

The NTP enabled our school to continue our usual 1:1 support for SATs tests without adding to teachers’ workload. Subsidised costs were an opportunity not to be missed. The tutoring had been so successful with Year 6, we decided to take the opportunity to do some additional tutoring with Year 5 to help prepare them for the next year.

Why Pearson?

Pearson is a well-established company, which has already provided our school with services and partnered with us on reading comprehension projects. After attending an NTP webinar, the head teacher decided that Pearson was the right company to book the Programme with.

How did you select students?

Autumn data from NFER tests and teacher assessments influenced our choice of students who would receive the tutoring. As well as a general consideration about which students would get the most out of it.

How was the set-up process?

The process from set-up to the sessions starting was very straight forward. As Deputy, I have responsibility for overseeing the whole process from registering us and the children on Bramble, to choosing the tutors. Pearson’s handbooks and information provided clear guidance.

"The children who have Maths tuition were particularly pleased with the links made with lessons in class."

"I have seen their confidence grow in the sessions themselves and it’s beginning to show in lessons."

— Adele Key, Deputy Head Teacher