Wigmore Primary School


Wigmore Primary School, have had an excellent experience with the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) through Pearson. Their students have really benefitted from the additional support of fully qualified teachers.

The school is a large primary in an urban area. It has an above national percentage of PP children and a high percentage of SEND with EHCP plans. Attendance is in line with national, even through COVID.

Why tutoring?

We have noticed that COVID has affected students’ mental health. The children seemed more worried about their learning, and students lower down the school appeared more attached to their parents. Their learning had been disjointed by the lockdown, so help from the National Tutoring Programme was particularly useful.

"Our tutors were helpful to teachers and made learning for the children engaging. The dialogue between the tutors and the teachers was excellent!"

— Tracey Willis, Deputy Head Teacher

How did you select students?

Disadvantaged students who were at risk of not meeting age-related expectations were selected for NTP tuition.