Why choose Pearson Tutoring?

Our online tutoring, is making a real difference to the thousands of students who’ve taken part. With tutoring via Pearson your school will benefit from:

Qualified teachers

We only work with fully qualified UK-based teachers, most of whom have extensive experience of marking GCSE or SATs papers.

Quality resources

Personalised intervention support to using out standardised materials to target gaps in learning at a time to suit your students.

Revision support

Smart search, allowing students to review past sessions from home for additional revision - perfect for those who are auditory learners.

Assessment scores

Efficacy-based progress measuring and reporting highlighting an in increase in assessment scores by more than 67%. From an average score of 37% to an average of 64% on their final assessment.

Pupil premium progress

Disadvantaged students showed even greater increases in assessment scores.

80% for Year 11s
90% for Years 6s

Building learner confidence

Over 45,000 tutor ratings showed that pupils had high levels of confidence, understanding and engagement.

Teacher explains how tuition impacted her school
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