Talent assessment tools for employers

Employers of all sizes use our high-level ability assessments to help them with candidate sifting and selection.


Our assessments are widely used within graduate, managerial and executive recruitment campaigns by large corporate clients on a volume basis, as well as by SMEs looking to sift a focused group of applicants.

The tests typically focus on applicants’ general ability to perform effectively in the role by revealing their numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning abilities, plus their critical thinking ability - depending on the particular competencies required in the role.

Other tools commonly used in selection processes include tests of spoken English and personality traits and values surveys.

If you want to administer our tools independently and avoid consultancy fees, we offer accredited BPS Test User: Ability and Personality training, either in central London or delivered in-house.

Why work with us?

  • Save time and reduce hiring costs
  • Improve candidate quality at the final stage of recruitment
  • Manage high volumes of applicants
  • Quickly sift candidates on the basis of solving new and complex tasks
  • Determine likely organisational and role fit
  • Identify leadership potential

See what some of our clients say about our ability tests

"Using the Watson-Glaser Unsupervised Version has significantly reduced our assessment time and cost while still being a very valuable part of our recruitment process."

- Capita

"We have used Watson-Glaser tests since March 2014 to help with recruitment for several large campaigns. It has proved to be a useful tool to identify candidates who meet the criteria for our roles. We found it very useful to use and the Pearson staff were very knowledgeable and helpful with setting the system up and answering our questions."

- Legal Ombudsman