Staying Healthy and Active Even When It's Hard

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Mitchell Drysdale
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As a college student, staying healthy is easier said than done. Once the assignments, projects, and exams pile on, it’s hard to find the time to work on one of the most important things – YOU! I can personally say there have been days, even weeks, where I can’t even fathom the idea of working out or going out of my way to get a salad when there’s a pizza joint across the street.

Even when it’s hard, we need to stay on top of the things that keep us going. Eating right and being active keep our brain running and our bodies happy, allowing us to perform well in the classroom and in the workplace. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay on top of your health:

Make a meal plan for the week

Make a detailed list of the things you will eat throughout the week and when you will be able to make time for those meals. Plan grocery store trips early and get the foods you need to stay healthy and ahead!

Set exercise goals ahead of time

While planning out your food choices, also plan your exercise schedule. Whether it be jog two miles each day or do 20 push-ups twice a day, set goals to give yourself something to reach for!

Find friends to keep you honest

Planning the goals is one thing – accomplishing them is something else! Having a few friends to hold you to those goals can make a huge difference! Find a few close friends, express your goals, and tell them to help keep you focused on those goals! Also, sharing your progress on a forum or social media site can help you gain inspiration and motivation!

Movember: A movement to pay attention to

The month of November is well underway, and one of my favorite campaigns is back. The Movember Foundation focuses on men’s health, funding projects to improve men’s health and lower the amount of men dying too young. I encourage everyone to donate a bit of money to this good cause (I have donated) and support the Movember campaign!

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