Get a Handle on Stress By Putting Yourself First

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Jessica Steiner
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When you first hear the phrase, “you need to put yourself first,” you might have a voice in your head telling you that this is a selfish thought.  Throughout your day, your friends, co-workers, and family rely on you for help and support.  You are pulled in hundreds of different directions which often forces you to put your own priorities and goals on the back burner. While it is extremely important to be there for others, your level of stress can elevate if you are not there for yourself!  Here are a few benefits that will come from allowing yourself to value YOU!

Your health depends on it.

Reflect on a time when you had a busy week filled with meetings, tests, long hours of studying or work.  Now, remember the way your body felt after that week.  Most likely, the feeling you remember is depletion and exhaustion.  Avoid reaching this point by making sure you allow yourself to relax and take breaks when needed.  Your immune system and general health will thank you, trust me!

Happiness will come from it.

There is nothing wrong with prioritizing your happiness. Taking time in your week to read your favorite book, go to a workout class you enjoy, or watch your favorite show will ultimately help your overall energy levels.  Everyone needs a break, so do not feel guilty about saying ‘no’ to a few events throughout the week if your body is telling you to lay low for a bit!

Your friends, family, and coworkers will benefit.

It’s simple.  If you give to yourself, then you will in turn have more to give others.  Recharging your mind and body will give you more energy for the responsibilities that you are accountable for!  This is a key to success in your school work, relationships, and occupation.

Balance is everything, and becoming more self-aware in your daily tasks will help you lower stress and put yourself, your happiness, and your health first.  So next time your body is telling you to step back and take a break, please listen!  

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