Advantages of Studying Abroad for Personal and Professional Growth

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Caroline Kane
Three images of the blog author in her study abroad experience smiling with her tandem skydiving partner, standing in front of a cathedral, and tandem skydiving.

Studying abroad is more than taking classes in foreign countries. It is a transformative journey and immersive experience that broadens the horizons. The decision to study abroad opens doors to a plethora of experiences that are not offered within one’s home country. Studying abroad is an opportunity that one should seize if they are offered. College students who study abroad embrace diversity and gain global perspectives. While there are numerous advantages to why one should embark on this journey, the opportunity to improve personal and professional growth is number one.

Being surrounded in foreign cultures and new countries contributes to one’s personal growth. College students can learn how to become independent and self-reliant as they navigate a new environment. This opportunity may come with discomfort, but embracing the experience with an open heart and mind can transform one into a whole new person. Open-mindedness is a key trait to possess while studying abroad. There will be hard times and challenging obstacles but keeping a positive outlook on the experience is key.

Students also learn how to become adaptable, which contributes to professional success within the real world. Traveling alone, meeting new people, homesickness, language barriers, and managing finances are some of the major factors that a student may experience while studying abroad. These experiences and challenges provide opportunities of resilience. Discomfort eventually turns into self-assurance, which is something that most people experience outside of study abroad. In a world that is constantly evolving and changing, being adaptable will help one succeed in life.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that one might receive through participating in a college study abroad program. However, the opportunity to improve and expand personal and professional growth will transform an individual’s life for forever. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience, no matter where one is in the world. Stepping out of the comfort zone and putting a foot forward to improve personal and professional growth will only lead to good things later down the road.

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