Making the Move from Graduation into the Real World

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Jykya Bell
A man sits at a classroom table interviewing a female college student.

As a college student I am constantly thinking about “what’s next”. How many times have you thought about a world beyond college? Did these thoughts make you anxious or stressed? There are many factors that affect the transition for college students into a post-college world. These factors can determine whether you have a positive transition out of college or a negative one. A college graduate can experience a career gap when transitioning due to a variety of reasons. There are two main reasons, which include not attaining an internship and a failure to network and build connections.


Finding a productive post-college experience is substantially influenced by the internship you attain. To begin with, completing an internship is a way to decide whether the career you are pursuing is the right one for you. Securing the correct internship can set you up with a possible job offer after college if it goes well. Moreover, internships provide a significant advantage for those who can secure them because they can be used as recent experience for the career or specific job you are pursuing. A good internship program looks great on your resume as well.

Networking and Connections

The connections that you build throughout your college journey have significant importance on your transition out of college, too. Networking while still in college can be positive post-college because it can make your job search process go more efficiently. For example, in the business world it is a lot about who you know; therefore, business students spend a lot of time connecting with professors and attending job fairs to build their networks. In fact, building your network by creating connections plays a significant role in getting your brand and name out in your career field, and, as a result, makes the transition out of college more effective and efficient.

The environment beyond college is a whole new world with all new challenges, opportunities, and people for college students to explore. Students should begin preparing for this transition as soon as possible because it can sneak up on you. Therefore, students should be given an idea and be prepared for all these new possibilities in this new world. Connections get you so far and help you find roles you never knew about or never dreamed you could reach. We never get anywhere by ourselves, so building connections and fostering relationships goes a long way.

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