The Ultimate Summer Break Bucket List

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Mandy Gonzales
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It's that time of year again! The sun is shining, and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your well-earned free time and make the most of your summer break. From visiting new places to learning new skills, you'll find all the best ways to make the most of your summer break listed here! Start making your bucket list now! 

1. Build Your Resume 

Though nobody wants to spend their entire break working, summer is a great time to look at different career opportunities and start adding experiences to your resume! Great opportunities to consider can range from volunteer work to internships to seasonal jobs. Committing to any of these options will show future potential employers that you are hard-working and that you have valuable experience in the workforce (and will give you some extra spending cash!). Not sure where to start? Reach out to your college’s career counselor or head onto Pearson+ to check out what actively hiring career opportunities they recommend to you! 

2. Learn a New Skill 

What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but just never found the time to get around  to? Well, now’s your time to get started! Whether you’ve always wanted to start playing an instrument, learn how to sew, cook up new recipes, or start a homemade garden, nothing’s stopping you now that you’re on break! Dip your toes into different hobbies and learn more about what interests you. You can also check out what clubs and organizations your school offers and connect with new people who share your passions! 

3. Get Outside 

Especially if you live someplace where the winters are long and cold (like I do!), now’s the time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather! Some of my favorite outdoor activities include hiking national parks, swimming at the pool, biking around town, having picnics in the park, or finding some local live music to listen to. Even something as simple as sitting on your porch while you read or scroll your phone can be a breath of fresh air! Make sure not to waste the days before you’ll be sitting inside of classrooms all day again! 

4. Explore a New Place 

Exploring someplace new can range from traveling to a different city to making it a goal to find a new coffee shop you like right in your town. One of my favorite summers was spent in London, walking all around the city and learning how to navigate the Tube. But you don’t have to save up and travel miles to have a fun summer! Whether you’re a transplant studying in a foreign city or staying close to home, there’s always tons to explore right under your nose! Try a new restaurant, check out a local concert, try to find an Instagram-able mural – get acquainted with your town and maybe find your new favorite study location! 

5. Recharge Before Next Semester 

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure that you take plenty of time to regroup over the break so that you can dive back into your next semester recharged and ready to learn. Binge a new favorite show, pamper yourself with a new haircut, and catch up on all the sleep you’ve skipped out on the past semester!  
However, you choose to spend your summer break, make sure you spend plenty of time doing the things you enjoy! You’ve earned a break after a long semester of hard work– so enjoy your break! 

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