Course development FAQs

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our course design and development services.

1 - Who is on your team and where is your team based?

2 - Who owns the copyright for the courses we’ve developed together?

3 - What happens if we want to make changes to our course throughout the course, and in the years to come?

4 - Who does what?

5 - Some of our academics are not confident about delivering a blended programme. Do you include training as part of this service?

6 - What kind of visibility will we have of student engagement and student progress throughout the course?

7 - What content can we use to create our course?

8 - Which VLEs do you work with?

9 - What experience do you have in online and blended learning?

10 - Who have you worked with?

11 - What are the student experiences on courses you’ve helped develop?

12 - Why should we work with you? What distinguishes Pearson?

13 - How many courses can you develop at one time?

14 - How long will it take?

15 - How much will it cost?

16 - How does Pearson develop courses?

17 - How do you make accessibility provisions?

18 - How do you incorporate my institution’s brand in the course?

19 - How do you make sure your courses are different for each institution you work with?

20 - What happens if students and staff have questions on the course once it has launched?