Smarthinking on-demand study support

On-demand study support from Smarthinking offers expert academic help for students, anytime, anywhere.

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service that offers instant or scheduled individual instruction from expert tutors.

Students can submit an essay or report for review and receive personalised writing instruction. Tutors focus on expanding students’ understanding of good writing techniques, rather than editing or correcting work.

If students need immediate help with a one-off question, they can have a live discussion with a tutor. Working closely with your in-house academic support teams we offer high quality additional and out of hours support.

How it works


Students can sign in directly from our website or through their VLE. Android™ and iOS apps are also available so students can sign in from their mobile devices.

Service options

Students can connect on demand with an expert tutor for a drop-in session 24 hours a day, schedule an appointment in advance, submit writing for detailed review, or ask a question offline and get a response within 24 hours. Smarthinking tutors work through problems with students online, using a virtual whiteboard.


Institutions have access to a data dashboard to monitor student usage, examine trends for future planning, and extract data to conduct detailed studies on the impact of online tutoring.


Our implementation services team helps universities create a rollout plan for supporting successful use of the tutoring service in alignment with campus needs.

Our tutors

Smarthinking’s tutors are a diverse group of faculty, graduate students, teachers, and retired educators and professionals. 90% of Smarthinking tutors have a Master's degree or a PhD. Tutors have an average of nine years of teaching and/or tutoring experience.

Our tutors use a pedagogical method tailored to individual student needs to help, encourage, and involve them in understanding the subject matter. Tutors are also reviewed for quality assurance and effective educational practices on an ongoing basis.

Research shows that the quality of tutor training makes a difference in the impact of tutoring on students. All of our tutors go through an intensive training program and tutor certification specific to online, one-on-one tutoring, which includes:

  • Effective teaching methods
  • Student management
  • Our proprietary whiteboard technology
  • Subject-specific advising.

Our approach to online tutoring and writing services has been proven effective for students and is valued and respected by faculty.

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Success stories

"The tutor’s feedback was spot on per my teacher. Great job. Because of my revising, I made my paper stronger and received an A."

— Student, Broward College, USA

Support services

Flexible procurement

Full Enrolment Access allows your institution to adopt Smarthinking or other resources module-wide, programme-wide, or institution-wide, giving equal access to all students.

Faculty training

We offer on-campus and webinar training to ensure that you and your faculty team are confident to use our digital resources. This service includes aspects such as demonstrations and setting up student log ins.

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