In-person training and support for Learning Catalytics

Our Learning Catalytics support package includes face-to-face introductory training and set-up, end-of-year review and recommendations and ad-hoc support.

Face-to-face introductory training and set-up

Our experienced training consultants will show you how to access Learning Catalytics and use the core functionality. The training includes:

  • account set-up and creation of courses and modules
  • experience taking a quiz as a student
  • step-by-step instruction on how to find and use existing questions
  • step-by-step instructions on creating new questions (advice on which question types work in different scenarios)
  • sharing best practice on how to deliver questions in class (and outside of class if applicable)
  • step-by-step instructions on using the gradebook to monitor student progress.

End-of-year review and recommendations

Through analysis of student engagement and qualitative feedback from lecturers, our training consultants will make recommendations for the coming year.

Ad-hoc support

You'll have phone and email access to a training consultant who can provide support and advice on best practice. User and technical support is available for students through our phone, email and live chat service, removing the need for students to look to academics for technical support.

What our customers say

There is a lot of web-delivered clicker software, but the two things that stand out for me about this software are the ability to group students, and the flexibility around question types. I can ask people numerical questions, I can ask graphical questions, multiple choice, many-answer. There’s a lot of choice. I usually use numerical and multiple choice, and use a few graphical ones, but I like to have choice.

Professor David Dye, Imperial College London, Learning Catalytics user

Thanks to Pearson for developing such a promising system and for supporting it well.

Dr James McEvoy, Royal Holloway University of London, Learning Catalytics user