The Pearson World Changer Awards 2020 Showcase

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Business & Technology

Chili Tozer


NSCG Stafford College 2nd Year Graphic Design Students 

Education & Beyond

Avani Bhalla

The Humanities

James Miller

The Languages

Shree Rammandir Gujarati School Students 

Business & Technology

Jamie Watson


Teddie Trainer

The Creatives

Berwick Academy Student Group

Saratu Momoh, Concord College

Zach Graham

Education & Beyond

Birtenshaw School

Bradford Academy – Sporting Elite students

Rachel Miller

Molly Skeil

The Humanities

Diego Bartolomeu

Finlay Pringle

George Spicer Primary School – Year 4

Rebecca Bailey

Kabir Kaul

The Languages

Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School

Bancrofts School Student Group