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  • Guest Blog: Don’t do things on purpose

    This is what the eminent psychiatrist Professor Anthony Clare had to say about happiness in an interview I once read: “It’s not simply a matter of having friends, but of feeling a part of something bigger than oneself: whether through family, work or community. That’s why World War Two veterans often say that, despite the war, it was one of the happiest times of their lives. War gave them ‘a sense of comradeship’, a ‘common purpose’ and a feeling of doing something worthwhile.”

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  • Guest Blog: How to find a mentor while homeworking or on furlough

    Coaching on the Go: How to find a mentor while homeworking or on furlough

    Mentoring, coaching and offering support are probably more important than ever under the restrictions placed on us due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    But does our idea of mentoring need a rethink? Does it take a wide enough view of ‘leadership skills’? And how do you find a ‘mentor’ in lockdown? 

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  • About IMPACT: A Leadership Magazine

    The Leaders Guide to Impact

    Having worked as leadership strategists for many years, Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn observe that everyone has an impact on people and the world around them, whether paying attention to it or not.

    The strength and effectiveness of that impact can vary greatly.

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  • Guest blog: The impact of COVID-19 upon universities by Rt Hon Charles Clarke

    At the beginning of 2020, Ed Byrne and myself set out, in our book The University Challenge, the various roles which modern universities have to play as the world changes so quickly: understanding and interpreting change in the world; offering constructive approaches which help make the process of change benefit people; educating and training people with the skills needed to face up to change; and creating an intellectually engaging climate and culture across societies. 

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