• Our new report: Onscreen assessment can open the door to so much more for learners, teachers and our sector

    The global pandemic accelerated innovation in many areas of education – and increased further the ambition for the use of technology in high stakes teaching assessment in our schools.   

    At Pearson, as we continue to develop the technology and capabilities for onscreen assessment, we’ve also taken the opportunity to explore some of the big questions ahead for the sector: how do we facilitate change? What are the big opportunities? And what are the barriers?

    Today we publish a new Pearson report: ‘Spotlight on Onscreen Assessment’ that forms part of our wider education policy series on assessment. 

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  • Supporting Teachers and Educators in Black History Month

    October 2021 marks the UK’s 34th annual Black History Month – which, this year, is based on the theme of ‘Proud to Be.’ 

    Suha Yassin, Pearson’s Lead for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, offers ideas for educators to get fully involved in events, and better integrate learning about Black History into school life this October, and throughout the whole school year.

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  • Pearson BTEC and Early Education partner up to deliver additional benefits to your learners

    Early Education logo

    We're pleased to announce that we're relaunching our ongoing partnership with Early Education. 

    Early Education are a national charity campaigning for quality education for the youngest children. They support early years practitioners with training, resources and professional networks.

    This exciting development introduces more exclusive benefits to Pearson centres, including discounted membership and free CPD sessions.

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